Busy Little Bee

Where does the time go? I have no idea! I have been so busy with moving and crafting and sewing and jamming that I even forgot how to use “,” I hope all of you out there follow me on Instagram @honymfin if you don’t. I love how simple and easy it is to snap a picture to show all the beautiful things our eyes see and our hands do. I know I follow some amazingly talented people who inspire me daily! Who do you follow that inspires you?

A few months ago I was inspired to buy a new DSLR nothing fancy just a simple Canon Rebel 4Ti. I have always wanted one but the price was a little too steep. But following these amazingly talented people on IG I realized that no matter how great my crafts/talents were if I didn’t brush up on my High School passion for Photography I would never sell or even get like from people that werent related to me. Because lets face it my friend “liking” my stuff is not the same Martha Stewart “liking” my stuff. You would much rather have Picasso like you painting than your mom! am I right? So I whored myself out to a Friend… my jams for his photo skills and how to use my camera which has way more buttons on it then the model I used in high school. WAY MORE!!! He was great! First he told me what lens to get before I got there so I was more prepared. Showed me the difference between my $120 50mm lens and his $1600 50mm lens. Had me take notes and draw pictures that is 4yr old could have drawn better! Explained to me the different techniques on how to let in more light, less light. He even made me practices those techniques over and over again! He was so patient and understanding when I wasn’t. Al in all it was the most informative and confusing 2hrs of my life!

I think it paid off! Practice, Practice, Practice



Bread Bread Bread

It’s been almost a full month since that class I taught on jamming and that would be exactly how long it has taken me to read through and feel competent with enough energy and time to attempt the O so intimidating sourdough bread

I was so motivated in fact that I poured some flour and water for feeding my starter that I didn’t even remember to measure my starter! Ugh I instantly texted my fellow teacher that night who was so generous to give me this started. Thankfully she remember how much she gave me…1cup
I then added the amount I really needed and took a picture to send to another friend who i know is the master of Sourdough. He was a major life saver, let me tell you! He directed me to the most amazing troubleshooting I wanna shoot my self in the face because I screwed up my mother starter! Breadtopia.com you saved me. Feeling more confident after watch 6 videos I let it ferment over night and stirring every few hours.

Next day I made my Starter…waited….made my dough…waited…stretched…waited…refrigerated…waited… Cut…waited…shaped…baked…. And ate it for dinner!

My recipe said you could keep it in one large loaf or cut it up, I cut it up into 3 because well I wanted to try 3 different baking methods since I don’t have a baking stone cover (knowing me I will get one) I tried my pizza stone, my cast iron skillet and my enamel Dutch oven… Covering worked the best for sure! I think it still tastes great when cooked uncovered it’s just a little crunchier on the crust!

Have you ever tried this before? Any secret tips?


Ginger Ale

Many of you may not know this but I get car sick like no other! Which I feel really bad about, only because my poor husband looks like a complete jerk to some of our friends when they see us pull into their driveways and I’m driving him around. {sorry my love} . But because of this motion sickness I have come to love love love ginger ale. So the idea of being able to make my own! I say here here!

Super Easy recipe I found on Pinterest from start to finish was about 45min maybe 1hr. The recipe I found didn’t say you could “put it up” but I wanted to give it a whirl anyway which is the reason for the extra time it took me. Getting it up to canning temp plus bath time. But here is the original recipe for you to try! You will love it!


2 cups sugar
2 cups H2O
1 cup thinly sliced ginger
Lime (optional)

Bring the sugar and water to a boil and let simmer until the sugar dissolves. Stir occasionally. Add the cut ginger and let simmer for about 15 minutes.
Let cool slightly before straining the syrup into a bottle or jar with a lid.
Add the syrup to a glass of club soda, squeeze in a lime wedge and there you have yummy ginger ale!


Typically simple syrups like this will last about 3months opened in the refrigerator, but I’m hoping my canning it so that no air can get in will keep it fresh for maybe dare I say a year…eek..

Provident Living

Last night was so much fun!!!! If you don’t follow me on Instagram { @honymfin } then you probably don’t know that I taught a class tonight and attended the same class at church. Remember before I got married that Oats class I taught? Same thing except this time I had a partner in crime. Kirsten Goode taught the basics of sprouting, and I for one have my jar o sprouts soaking as I type. I was so excited about it I had to start tonight! But my excitement doesn’t stop there she also gifted me a sourdough starter, can you believe it?!?! It’s like Christmas came early!

Little back story: I’m LDS… Mormon… Mormons like to be self sufficient, prepared and to live within our means or below. Hence provident living classes. Teaching us to be better then we are and learning from each other. ( these classes are for everyone, so if you’re not Mormon, live in the Orange County area and wanna join in the fun give me a holler. The more the better)

I for one love this idea, I love learning form my friends and neighbors. Learning things from them I never knew they even knew…did that make sense?

Knowing that I only had an hour to teach a class on canning, which if you put up know that that is a tough. I decide to do my favorite and love of my toast Guava!!! You can prep the fruit the day before and keep that wonderful flavor. Here’s the recipe I hope you will give it a try. It works with both pick and white guava’s




So i guess I’m not as bad as I thought about blogging I’m just horrible at pressing send…eek, oops!

This post was supposed to happen um about 3-4 months ago. The story of the start!

I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E Guava jam!…if you remember a few months ago I bought all the essential needs for canning/jamming. I had the canning bath from our wedding and jars all I need were some guava’s! So i waited and waited and waited, did you know that guava’s are only in season in the fall, or at least for the most part because it is the hottest time of the year leading into the coolest time of the year.

Guava is a very popular fruit. It is available throughout the year except during the summer season. Being very hardy, it gives an assured crop even with very little care. Its cost of production is also low because its requirements for fertilizer, irrigation and plant protection are not much. Further its nutritive value is very high. Therefore, it is and ideal fruit for the nutritional security. Guava is also grown as a backyard fruit to great extent. In India, the best quality guavas are produced in Uttar Pradesh, particularly in Allahabad region.

low cost of production but not purchase!!!

Guavas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, folic acid, and the dietary minerals, potassium, copper and manganese. Having a generally broad, low-calorie profile of essential nutrients, a single common guava (P. guajava) fruit contains about four times the amount of vitamin C as an orange.[5]

Luckily for me I have a friend who’s mom has a giant guava tree that produces far too much for them to eat! And I live in Southern California where Asian and Mexican markets abound, I personally have never seen my local Ralphs, Vons, or Albertson carrying them.

So when my friend JR brought into work the most delicious smelling bag of guavas I knew I was in for a treat! So of course like everything new I do I search the internet and bought 3books to teach me the ways for jamming

3 in 30

The other day while making dinner for a friend I decided to make a few little things I had seen on the Pinterest. She is a crafters worm hole, sucking me in every time. But I admit I love it, the ideas and ingenuity of others is amazing. Sometimes I fancy myself creative but then again maybe I’m not compared to these people!

Do you remember last year when I talked about saving money and up cycling? It’s kinda turned into a lifestyle for me. I love using what I have in order to make/grow something else.

Did these 3 in less time it took to bake chicken breasts, just saying! Everyone has time to be creative at least for 5min a day.

1. Sandwich box out of milk carton…mine is still waiting for its snap
2. Avocado seed growing possibly a tree
3. Re-growing lettuce from lettuce! Crazy I cut them all even and yes they are growing. My mind is blown

These are mine


These are the pins


Week 3

As you all know I am notorious for a few things and one of them is saying I will blog more and then never do so… I won’t say it again but you know what I’m thinking!

My blog has been seriously lacking in the last few months but my craftiness has not!
This last week I purchased a walking foot and I have to say so far I like the little guy! Testing it out right now!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!



Sorry, sorry, sorry… I know I said I would blog and I really really wanted to but I’ve been distracted by my jamplan

Basically my “jamplan” is to become like sprinkles go on the Oprah show…crap network… And become an overnight success! It could happen right?!?

Stay tuned for the progress of this little homemade business plan of mine! I’m gonna make it work

To keep you interested in case you’re not a follower on the Instagram





Big Bro…little sis

My big brother got married this last month, which meant I gained a little sister.

Aaron and I gave them two gifts… We made their invitations for them… blah boring… and I made them a lap blanket to cuddle up in, because well I wanted a reason to make another quilt and because they are the most cuddly couple ever and she is always cold and of course he never is.

But now that have opened it and enjoyed it I can share it.

My inspiration was a pin i found on pinterest about a year ago, I could have just copied it but my sister in law knows how to crochet so i thought quilting would be fun