Busy Little Bee

Where does the time go? I have no idea! I have been so busy with moving and crafting and sewing and jamming that I even forgot how to use “,” I hope all of you out there follow me on Instagram @honymfin if you don’t. I love how simple and easy it is to snap a picture to show all the beautiful things our eyes see and our hands do. I know I follow some amazingly talented people who inspire me daily! Who do you follow that inspires you?

A few months ago I was inspired to buy a new DSLR nothing fancy just a simple Canon Rebel 4Ti. I have always wanted one but the price was a little too steep. But following these amazingly talented people on IG I realized that no matter how great my crafts/talents were if I didn’t brush up on my High School passion for Photography I would never sell or even get like from people that werent related to me. Because lets face it my friend “liking” my stuff is not the same Martha Stewart “liking” my stuff. You would much rather have Picasso like you painting than your mom! am I right? So I whored myself out to a Friend… my jams for his photo skills and how to use my camera which has way more buttons on it then the model I used in high school. WAY MORE!!! He was great! First he told me what lens to get before I got there so I was more prepared. Showed me the difference between my $120 50mm lens and his $1600 50mm lens. Had me take notes and draw pictures that is 4yr old could have drawn better! Explained to me the different techniques on how to let in more light, less light. He even made me practices those techniques over and over again! He was so patient and understanding when I wasn’t. Al in all it was the most informative and confusing 2hrs of my life!

I think it paid off! Practice, Practice, Practice



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